Modular system adapted to your produktion

Together we
can re-invent assembly industry


Together we re-invent
assembly industry

All our blow feed and drive systems are custom-built to meet any unique screw and production requirements

We are specialized in design, and manufacturing of screw machinery, semi-automatic or fully automated. From our own engineering department, we costume made a machinery with high focus on reliability, ergonomic, long durability, and easy maintenance.

Ergonomic high speed S crewdrive System

adjufix semi automatic

In collaboration with a prominent window manufacturer, we embarked on a unique design endeavor.

With the dedicated guidance of our product specialists, we meticulously engineered a bespoke Adjufix screw machine. Throughout this collaborative journey, our customer placed paramount importance on six specific focal areas:



High-end system with i ntegrated double cylinder ac tion

Advance screw feed
and drive system

BÖLL-TEC ADVANCE screwsystem is our high-end product with integrated double cylinder action.

The first cylinder action allow the screw to be fed and locked in the mouthpiece. Second action advance the bit out of the mouthpiece during the screwprocess. This eliminates any contact to the surface and there for also delicate and sensitive parts can be assembled. Our open adaptation in the design also allows different motoradaptation like f. ex. Electrical tools with data collection and full control of assembling parameters.