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Self-teaching Robots

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Epistolio Self-teaching robots

ALTERNATIVE WAYS OF PROGRAMMING. Our MRK 6.1 robot offers multiple programming options.

It can employ self-learning for swiftly and effortlessly painting intricate objects with complex shapes. Alternatively, it can utilize a point-to-point method for precise painting on geometrically simple items. Our robotic arms are constructed from lightweight yet durable materials and are pneumatically balanced, ensuring exceptional maneuverability during the programming process.


The self-learning programming is simple and practical, thanks to the use of an ergonomic joystick appropriately designed and complete with programmable buttons, which allows a single operator to manage the programming from the spraying point.


Our multilingual software that manages the robot has been entirely developed within our company and can be customized to perfectly meet the needs of customers. It also includes a module for production management with statistics and usage data of the robot. All the robots are supplied with a touch-screen industrial PC, to obtain a practical and intuitive management of all the machine’s functions.