Wind power​

BÖLL-TEC was established in 1994 on the basis from being an agency for BÖLLHOFF Verfahrenstechnik, which was one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality automated coating process equipment.

Based on this BÖLL-TEC has developed into one of the industry's leading providers of automated surface preparation and coating application technology with a strong foothold in many manufacturing industries.

The wood industry has been and is a very important part of BÖLL-TEC's business base, where we have been able to increase our product portfolio significantly, which has made it possible to expand on our existing business segment as these new products have made it so that we are now able to cater to a wider spectrum of manufacturing industries.

Subsequently with the acquired knowledge gained from years of working with mass production and automated manufacturing processes, BÖLL-TEC has begun working with leading international OEM manufacturers and suppliers to the wind industry.

With our broad and carefully selected product range, coupled with coating system knowledge BÖLL-TEC is offered as a total solution provider of equipment, services and training support for surface treatment and painting processes - whether it comes to blades, towers, nacelles, hubs, foundations or other related components to be surface treated to the rigid onshore and offshore coating specifications.

Our specialists are involved with the sale and commissioning of custom designed plant and equipment, optimizing work processes and advising on optimum value surface treatment and paint application engineering. We also have the ability to set up local support networks for all our products, where producers of wind turbines may desire to be established.​​

Mixing, feeding, dispensing and application of multi-component materials for precision application and high productivity is based on our world leading product portfolio which provides BÖLL-TEC customers with equipment, services and solutions for optimum compliance to ATEX, COSHH, EPA and HSE legislations with part and fully automated sanding systems, material handling, filler dispensing, glue dispensing, resin handling, gelcoat application, and of course 2K, 3K and 4K coating system dosing and automated/manual paint application equipment

Our products and services are targeted at established factory upgrades, new factory set-ups, flexible ‘plug N play’ production solutions and even portable maintenance solutions, but we are also constantly alert to new technology advancements with innovative application equipment and preparation/spray booth engineering.

BÖLL-TEC also offers Consulting and training programs.

We have extensive experience with optimization and evaluation of surface treatment processes in all parts of the world. We can either work directly for the manufacturer or with the end customer, or for example, a sub supplier, engineering supplier or quality department.

We feel that based on our extensive knowledge of equipment, coatings and high output coating processes, that we can provide advice that is not available elsewhere, and create a unique value for our customers. This among other attributes can be reflected in the form of hands-on training and product qualification of operators and maintenance staff.​

We are able to provide total spares packages for all equipment that we provide. Where it makes sense for our customers, we are able via an international network to identify and train local suppliers who can handle the daily support to our customer's production.

Service and maintenance is handled by highly specialized technicians who can perform repairs and maintenance on all types of equipment for surface treatment and fluid handling. The work can be carried out at either our own workshops or at the customers sites.

For manufacturers requiring high uptime of their production facility, then BÖLL-TEC will incorporate preventative maintenance aspects in all specified service contracts – all would be documented in service logs, in accordance with specific service contracts.

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