Screw Process

​​Uniquick’ feeder.

A new generation of feeder system to screw process technology. The innovative design ensures optimum feed method in 3 sizes for different size screws. A minimal adjustment for screw changes due to formatted parts selection. But with one Uniquick feeder you get a feeder solution that is tailored to your items. Technical support is given with innovative solutions for screw mounting. 

  • ​Sorting hopper of wear resistant synthetic materials for quiet and gentle transport
  • Modular reproducible production
  • Low noise level
  • Up to 60 items per minute
  • Even feed due to electronic sensing of the hopper fill
  • High reliability
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • ​Feeding screws with compressed air

UNIQUICK’ Telescopic ScrewdriverA flexible and innovative Screwdriver that can be adapted to even the most difficult task.

  • ​Compact and robust construction.
  • ​Simple servicing
  • High wear resistance
  • Optional screwdriver – straight handle - or pistol grip

Uniquick Vario for all industries with high automation levels.

  • By using flat cylinders in construction it can work with the smallest spindle distances and screw sizes

    ·​Electric or air motor, as desired

  • Short cycle time

  • Low maintenance

  • ​low weight

  • ​compact design

  • ​Three sizes ensure individual customized solutions


·​Operating economics

  • Shortening the assembling process of screw fitting
  • ·​No unwanted start of screwing process


  • ·​No oil residues in the handle


  • ·​Monitoring system (refusal clutch with valve control and depth stop)

Service Friendly

  • Simple dismantling the nozzle and bit
  • Spacer for mounting the bit and for protecting the screw rod.


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