Böll-tec brush sanding system

The system - Re-Inventing​ brush ​sanding

The unique brush sanding system brings unique finish followed by very low operation costs. 

Everyday we strive towards ensuring our sanding customers produce with high quality and high productivity. We do this by always delivering uniqe products and and a close cooperation with the manufactures af abrasives. 

The system is being used Worldwide and in all industries like wood, metal, composite etc.

Wheels with longitudinal tracks combined with separated sanding cloth and support brush allows a wide range of set ups to achieve a specific sanding result.

  • ​​Decreases production time
  • Increases quality.
  • Patented no-tools-needed (NTN) technique.
  • Save production cost and time.
  • We listen to your needs and build our offer to meet your challenges.


  • Training is a key factor to us. We aim to train

    our customers to optimize the process in order

    to significantly improve quality and output at

    all times.

    makes us one of the most environmental

    friendly brush sanding producers in the


  • Our unique patented brush sanding system

The abrasive strips and brushes

Sanding strips

Innovative sanding strips suitable for material like wood, metal, composite etc

Cut size

No cut – 3 – 5 – 10 – 20


31mm – 46mm – 61mm

Customized design and

material available

Sanding brush

The Tampico brush will shape its character to fit the profile while sanding.

After the process it returns to its original shape. The brush is made with a heavy duty profile which is filled with an constant and even quantity of Tampico fibers


31mm - 46mm - 61mm 

Drums and locking sytem


Standard wheels

95 mm

125 mm

180 mm

225 mm

280 mm

Customized design on


Sanding brush

No-Tools-Needed (NTN)

Thanks to our innovative NTN

locking system, you can easily

change brush or sanding strips –

just with one click. 

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