Powder Coating

About MS Powder Systems

MS is well-known for fast color change powder booth systems.

The company’s market leading components and solutions are recognized globally for their quality, efficiency and durability.

Complete powder systems are tailor-made for each customer using MS’ high quality components.

From manual and automatic guns to fully automated horizontal and vertical powder coating lines, MS has the technology and experience to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the most challenging customer requirements


MS Powder was founded in 1991 by Henry Marcon and remained a family business until the company was acquired by Carlisle Fluid Technologies in 2016. Carlisle Fluid Technologies acquisition of MS has allowed the organization to grow in the powder market and provided a larger platform to drive global expansion.

MS Topcoater Speedy

​Automatic cleaning system with injector rod allows for color change in 5 to 10 minutes - Sturdy trolley with vibrating table - Ultralight M4 powder spray gun (388g) reduces operator fatigue - Patented corona feedback system ensures high-quality coatings - Balanced and ergonomic gun design - Wide range of multifunctional nozzle systems for fine spray patterns and uniform coating thicknesses, even with metallic coating powders - Touchscreen with intuitive controls and display

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MS Powder Kitchen PKV24

At the heart of every efficient powder coating system is an MS Powder Kitchen. The MS PKV24 Powder Kitchen can be used to supply and control any multiple colour change system and features fully automated powder supply from the material suppliers’ original packaging, as well as supply monitoring, integrated screening and automatic cleaning.

  • Intuitive, largely automatic colorchange with operator guiding.
  • Continuous and selectable fresh and recovery powder supply.
  • Automatic powder circuit control by means of weighing technology for consumption detection.
  • RDF (rotating-dense-phase) or Injector.
  • Fluidized and vibrated powder pot.
  • Integrated ultrasonic sieve.
  • IOT (Industry 4.0) suitable.

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Cyclone Powder Recovery

The MS cyclone design is optimized for the highest efficiency in powder reclaim, ensuring contamination free powder coating operation.

  • Self-cleaning effect thanks to sophisticated geometry.
  • Time and labour savings min. 2 minutes by colorchange.
  • No need to open when changing colors.
  • Efficiency up to 98 %.
  • No disturbing sieve.

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Fast Color Change Open Booth (FCO)

An FCO powder coating booth system design features large and well-lit walkin manual coating touch-up stations. Powder can not accumulate on the floor as the entire area is properly ventilated through a grated exhaust system.

MS Model FCO Booth Characteristics:

  • Increased productivity, color change in six-minutes, or less in full recovery mode.
  • Improved application efficiency, due to MS double wall PVC sandwich cabin booth construction.
  • Increased over-all powder system efficiency due to unique self-cleaning MS cyclone design, up to 97%.
  • Minimal use of powder coating material in circulation at any given time, with optimum amount of material in circulation, due to sophisticated PLC control sensors being utilized.
  • Walk-in booth design for manual coating area, with exhaust extraction and grating for pre- and / or post-coating operations.
  • Small foot-print of automatic section improves efficiency and time of automated booth enclosure clean-up.
  • Quiet operation, typically less than 70-dba.
  • Fast amortization.
  • Easy to integrate with one of our intuitive robot systems, either with industrial robots or atex approved cobot systems.​

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MS A4 Automatic Powder Gun

​The MS A4 Automatic Powder Gun’s lightweight design utilizes the basic MS Topcoat principles to reduce energy consumption in machine, reciprocator or robot mounted applications. The Gun offers uncompromising performance and efficiency. When combined with the MS controller, the Gun produces a class-leading electrostatic charge within the powder stream ensuring high transfer efficiency. The A4 Gun is designed with a minimum number of replacement parts for ease of cleaning and simple maintenance. Extensions and accessories are available.

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MS Topcoat M4 Manual Applicator

The MS M4 Topcoat Manual Powder Gun is lightweight which makes easy handling for operator comfort. The Gun produces excellent powder charge, providing extremely high transfer efficiency.The gun is so light it can be operated by one or two fingers.

Newest digital control technology improves penetration, surface finish and powder consumption.

The newest digital high voltage technology enables an exact parameter control.

The program and the amount of powder can be set directly on the gun. The easy-clean gun design is a prerequisite for a fast color change.

Naturally all the spare parts can be changed.

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