spraying Machine

​Superfici Magnum​


Wide range of oscillating

Spraying machines with double reciprocator, ideal to be integrated in high

Performance finishing lines. It achieves the automatic spraying of work-pieces

In continuous feed on belt conveyors.​

  • High production capacity with feed speed up to 18 m/min.

  • Guaranteed quality of the lacquered work-piece tanks to the always optimal
    lacquer distribution even in the most critical applications, thanks to the
    patented independent reciprocators.

  • Quick lacquer change from one lacquering product to the next one with
    multiple lacquer reclaiming units and with integrated quick colour change.

  • Guaranteed optimal conditions of the spraying cabin. The automatic change
    of the exhaust filters (patented optional system “filter on demand” ) makes it
    possible to change filters without any production stop and reduces the
    maintenance operations.

​Compact 3

Compact 3 Hy

The automatic
spraying machine COMPACT 3 Hy, guarantees the advantages of the automatic
spraying process, while achieving a high flexibility level.

The machine has
a reciprocator with double arms sliding on high precision guides. The
pressurized spraying cabin features a controlled ventilating system and access
windows on both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance. The electronic control
(available with PLC, or PC control) of the spraying area allows the detection
of the pieces and it controls the opening and closing of the spray guns.

The HYBRID conveyor can by choice be operated with paper protection
system or with belt self cleaningsytem equipped with proper lacquer

recovery and cleaning unit.​

  • Production quality guaranteed by the application in two steps achieved by the DOUBLE ARM RECIPROCATOR, and by the PRESSURIZED CABIN, with double filtration system at the air inlet and wide filtering roof all over the cabin.
  • Easy use and consistent in the production quality achieved by the software OPTISPRAY, which controls the spraying parameters.

  • Production flexibility thanks to the HYBRID CONVEYING SYTEM; Compact 3 can be chosen to be operated with a protection system, ideal for the production in small batches or with belt self cleaning system equipped with proper lacquer recovery and cleaning unit, engineered for larger production runs.


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