Tritech electric pumps

TriTech T5 Electric Pump​

The TriTech T5 and T7 are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A

Innovations in design utilizing high-quality unique materials and efficient manufacturing processes result in precision built long-lasting airless sprayers.

It is produced with high grade aluminum for all exterior parts which make the unit strong, run cool and the smooth exterior is easy to keep clean. 

The innovative ideas that make these units simple to use and long lasting comes from years of experience in the spray painting industry coupled with our precision manufacturing experience. Painting is a tough job with many demands on your time and ability. The TriTech T5 and T7 are built tough to make sure they will be there when you need them.

TriTech T7 Electric Pump

​If you need more performance try the TriTech T7.

The motor is more powerful and the pump is longer stroking which supplies 20% more output then the T5.

The T7 is the most powerful pump in its class. At 77 lbs (35kg) on a hi-cart frame it will support up to a 0.027 tip. You can spray higherviscosity coatings like elastomeric exterior smooth coatings and some block fillers. As with the T5 you can also adjust the pressure down to spray light bodied coatings like stains and varnishes for all your fine finish


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