Automatic Gun

Air Assisted Gun 

Binks AG-363

The Binks AG-363 Automatic Spray Gun combines the best features of Air Assisted Airless atomisation and Binks engineering to provide a superior atomisation and finish quality coupled with the highest possible transfer efficiencies,

resulting in significant paint savings while complying with the toughest EPA regulations.

The Binks AG-363 is a highly advanced Air Assisted Airless automatic spray gun that can be rapidly detached from its low profile manifold block using a simple hexagon key, for fast and easy maintenance and serviceability. This unique feature from Binks dramatically reduces production downtime and
increases profitability.

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Airless Spray Gun

Binks 550 Automatic

For spraying protective coatings such as lacquers, enamels, water-based emulsions, mould release agents and sound deadeners.

The Binks 550 Spray gun is equipped with tip guard, stainless steel fluid passages and forged aluminium spray gun body. Actuating air pressure is 40-60 psi.

The material body may be installed in any of four positions to facilitate fluid hose connection. Spray tip not included, order separately.

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Low Pressure

DeVilbiss AGMD Pro

The DeVilbiss AGMD Pro Automatic spray gun delivers optimal atomisation quality and the best performance in its class.

Engineered from acknowledged leading atomisation technology from the DeVilbiss GTi Pro spray gun and enhanced the market leading DeVilbiss AGMD Automatic gun to produce the “AGMD PRO”

​This new platform of Automatic spray gun technology has the ability to improve Transfer Efficiency whilst also providing reduced air consumption.

The new designed DeVilbiss AGMD Pro features a simple quick detach gunhead which provides reduced production downtime allowing servicing exchange for maintenance in seconds. The improved internal fluid passages, facilitates efficient colour change and flushing cycles required by Class A finishes.

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